Neotropic Cormorant

Phalacrocorax brasilianus
Statewide Status: S:1  IBRC Review Species
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Darren Clark
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. ♦22-24 May 2014– 1 – Chester Dam, Fremont County, Latilong 22 – Cliff Weisse – Darren Clark took photos (on Flicker) May 23  also Adam Brubaker May 24 other observers Cheryl Huizinga , Pat Weber- Steve Butterwoorth,Jed Peterson – IBLE
    Rare Bird Report #:2-A-14
    Voting: 7-0
  2. 21 July 2016 – 1 – foraging in a pond on the Teton River at Hog Hollow Bridge,
    Fremont County, Latilong 22 – Cliff Weisse
  3. » 8 July 2019 – 1 – flying over the Snake River 3 km down stream of Tinden boat ramp, Bingham County, Latilong 21 – Steve Dougill – Erik Schoenborn saw the bird the next day 400m below the bridge
    Rare Bird Report #:20-B-2019

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