Blue-winged Warbler

Vermivora cyanoptera
Statewide Status: s:2   IBRC Review Species
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Blue-winged Warbler
Darren Clark
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. 23 May 1981 – Oakley area, Cassia County, Latilong 26 – Marjorie Swanson, Mirian Spencer – AB36(3):313
  2. ♦14-15 June 2002 – Stanley Lake, Custer County, Latilong 12 – Chris Neri+, Larry Barnes, Marty Collar, Dave and Elise Faike, Brian Sturgis, Greg Stitzinger – NAB56(4):460
    Rare Bird Report #:2-A-02
    Voting: 6-0
  3. 21-26 October 2005 – 1 hybrid Blue-winged X Golden-winged of the “Lawrence’s” variety  – Barber Park, Boise, Ada County, Latilong17- Mark Collie, Craig Fosdick, Jay Carlisle – NAB60(1):104, IBLE

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