Mourning Warbler

Geothlypis philadelphia
Statewide Status: S:2  IBRC Review Species
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Mourning Warbler
Darren Clark
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. 22 May 2003 – Camas NWR, Jefferson County, Latilong 21 – Cliff Weisse+, Chuck Trost, Darren Clark, Elise Faike, Marlin Jones, and others – NAB57(3):376, Status Change Report
    Rare Bird Report #:2-A-07
    Voting 5-2, 7-0
  2. ♦28 May 2011 – 1 – Camas NWR, Jefferson County, Lationg 21 – Cliff+ and Lisa Weisse, Darren Clark. Bill Schiess,  Steve Butterworth+  IBLE
    Rare Bird Report #:32-B-11
    Voting: 5-2, 5-2

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