Pine Warbler

Setophaga pinus
Statewide Status: S:2  IBRC Review Species
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Pine Warbler
Kathleen Cameron
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. χ 21 October 1992 – Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Butte County, Latilong 20 or 21
    Rare Bird Report #:3-A-92
    Voting: 2-4
  2. ♦7 December 1999- 10 March 2000 (including Moscow CBC 18 December) – Moscow, Latah County, Latilong 4 -Feeder of Bettie and Ray Hoff, Kas Dumoese+, Steve Lindsay, Charles Swift, Shirley Sturts, Jane Westervelt and many others – AB100th CBC (1999-2000):473
    Rare Bird Report #:5-A-99
    Voting: 6-0
  3. ♦30 September 2004 – Henry’s Fork, down stream from Ashton, Fremont County, Latilong 16, Cliff Weisse – Status Change Report, NAB59(1):113
    Rare Bird Report #:15-B-04
    Voting: 7-0

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