Siberian Accentor

Prunella montanella
Statewide Status: S:1  IBRC Review Species
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Siberian Accentor
Poo Wright-Pulliam
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. ♦26 December 1996 – 1 April 1997 – 1- Hailey area, Blaine County, Latilong 19 – many observers and several rare bird reports, 1st reported by Poo Wright Pulliam+ (Dec. 26), Wendy Warren (AFN:51(4:899, Don Roberson+, Mike Denny+, Peder Svingen+ , Jim Burns+, Theresa Clawson+, Guy McCaskie+, Don Morgan+, Chuck Trost+ –
    Rare Bird Report #:6-A-96
    Voting: 6-0

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