White-winged Crossbill

Loxia leucoptera
Statewide Status: S:N  IBRC Review Species (Summer- West and East, Breeding)
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Keith Carlson
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):
Records for summer in East and West Idaho, and all breeding.

  1. 19 July 1997 –  female feeding fledgling – Upper Payette Lake, Valley County, Latilong 7 – Colleen Sweeney – AB51(5):1025
  2. 7 August 1997 – family of 3 with young one begging visiting fire ring repeatedly  – Hidden Lake, Boundary County, Latilong 1 – Dale Goble – report to Shirley Sturts
  3. χ21 July 2020 – 2 heard – Intermountain Bird Observatory, Ada County, Latilong 17 – Kyle Lima, also heard by Sam Meigs and Nick Alioto
    Rare Bird Report #:31-B-2020
    Voting: 2-5, 2-5

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