Laughing Gull

Leucophaeus atricilla
Statewide Status: S:1 IBRC Review Species
eBird Species Map

Darren Clark
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. χ 27 October 2013 – 2 flying over- Seagull Bay Recreational Area, American Flalls Reservoir, American Falls, P:ower County, Latilong 27 – Austin Young+ , Ken Young
    Rare Bird Report #:2-A-13
    Voting: 4-3, 0-7
  2. ♦14-21 July 2015 – Jack’s Creek, CJ Strike WMA, Owyhee County, Latilong 24– Jay Carlisle+, Heidi Ware. Cheryl Huizinga, Denise Hughes, Stoddard and Ellen Davenport and others on eBird Checklists
    Rare Bird Report #:2-A-2015
    Voting: 7-0
  3. χ 4 September 2018 – 1 – Lake Walcott Spillway, Minidoka County, Latilong 26 – Ross Silcott – also Michael Hogg who 1st noticed it – photos
    Rare Bird Report #:31-B-2018
    Voting: 1-6

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