Whooper Swan

Cygnus cycgnu
Statewide Status: S:1  IBRC Review Species
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Whooper Swan
Ryan P. O’Donnell
(Migration / Summer)

All Reports (Review Species Only):

  1. χ 12 December 2005 – Hagerman Area, Gooding County – Zeke Watkins+, Kathleen Cameron+ (photos)
    Rare Bird Report #:1-A-05
    Voting: 2-5, 1-6
  2. ♦27 November- 7 December 2008 – Hagerman, Gooding – Stephen Bouffard+, Jay Carlisle+, Craig Fosdick+, Seren Askew+, Cliff Weisse +
    Rare Bird Report #:5-A-08
    Voting 7-0

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