Re: May Day visitor

Glad to hear Black-chinned Hummingbirds are showing up in town now. Does anyone on the Depot Bench have them? My feeders have been up for almost a month, but I haven’t seen any yet. I’ll start watching more frequently. It’s the only species I see in my yard other than an occasional Rufous during fall migration.

Diann Stone  Boise Depot Bench

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Today, after reading reports of hummingbird arrivals, filled my feeder as noted in earlier post. I’ve had several visits to the nectar now by a female Black-chinned. In reading responses re: wasps & earwigs, I can offer my solutions. 

I use a swivel arm, hooked-pole that clamps to top rail of deck to hang my feeder from. My biggest problem is from earwigs, as another response noted. So, I use sticky, double-sided tape & wrap about a 3″ section, halfway up the pole. Kind of grim, but, end of earwigs making it to the feeder. Have to change the tape about once a week. The wasps, as also noted in another response, aren’t too much of a problem until fall. And the hummers & wasps will have some battles, but they’re never the problem the earwigs have been.

In other news, the numbers of Cassin’s Finches have been more than in years. Had almost forgotten how beautiful the males are with their purple-red heads/breasts fading to white & partial crest. The Evening Grosbeaks numbers have been another treat. Also, good numbers of White-crowned Sparrows are now showing. A good day.

Brian Carrigan

Re: Hummingbird Feeder

I’m sure Larry will have some suggestions. I use 4 cup Perky Pet wide mouth glass feeders and have 4-5 up in July and August and am very happy with them. We also have a hornet problem in late summer.

I’m sure bird purists will be aghast at my wasp solution but it seems to work. I spray the feeders with wasp spray and try to keep spray away from ports as much as possible and feature the neck and underside. I feared the birds would be hurt or stay away from the poison/stink, but I’m usually desperate from all the wasps/ants.What I think I see is the birds still come in huge numbers and the wasp infestation slows down, maybe I’ll sign anonymously. We get nests in lots of odd places, including in door/mirror of plow truck, and while the sugar is a prime food I think there’s plenty of food for them to live off of.
Bill Moore
Hoot Owl

Re: Hummingbird Feeder


This has always been my go-to feeder. There’s a reservoir for water in the middle that when filled keeps ants away. Also the yellow flowers on this one don’t come off as easily as they do with other feeders, which is when the yellow jackets tend to invade. It’s expensive and readily available in most stores. The only time I have yellow jackets on these feeders is when I overfill them and they come to catch the overspill. 

Kerry Fitzharris

Hummingbird Feeder

I was wondering if any of you would recommend a good Hummingbird feed.  The birds like mine, but the yellowjackets like it better and consequently we have yellowjacket nesst under all our eves and by the end of last year I think they ended up chasing away the birds.   I’ve tried a couple different kinds and so far haven’t found one the yellowjackets don’t like.

A picture of my current feeder is attached.

Open to any and all suggestions!

Ruthann Greene

Migrants on the Move

Based on Bill’s post & seeing a fly-by hummingbird yest, set out my nectar feeder yest. No visitors yet. But, at the black-oil sunflower seeds this AM, have fairly large groups (12-15 ea) Evening Grosbeaks & Cassin’s Finches hitting the seeds hard. Males & females of both. Some beautiful, contrasting colors! 

Both House Wrens & Am Robin’s busy with nest building, too.

Brian Carrigan