Black-throated gray warbler

I heard an uncommon bird song late today. Grabbed my glasses and located a warbler way up in the nose bleed seats of our ancient front maple.  My list submission will most likely be challenged, but after comparing photographs of the distinct white eyebrow and under the eye, the blue gray back, and the song, I’m fairly certain this was a black-throated gray warbler. I spotted one in our side yard in October 2015.  Long time between visits.

I hope to be lucky enough to spot him again tomorrow.

Liz Medes
Gem County

Leucistic Red-Winged Blackbird

IBLE Community,

I believe the bird in the attached photos is a leucistic female red-winged blackbird. What do you all think?  Found this last Friday at Camas WMA in the east shelterbelt.  It did not sing and was generally not shy.  I was able to observe the bird for as long as I wanted, which was about 30 minutes. 

Curious to hear opinions.  Thanks everyone!

Micah Austin
Ammon, Idaho