Lazuli Buntings

We live off a busy intersection and don’t see a large variety of birds at our feeders—House Finches, Song Sparrows, Goldfinches and the occasional Black-Capped Chickadee but late afternoon I had a Black-Headed Grosbeak and 2 Lazuli Buntings. Then, at 8 p.m. I had 6 Lazuli’s eating scraps off the deck. I think it’s a good year!!

Re: New Yard Bird!! #78

Always great to see those woodpeckers. I usually find two of them on the road into Montour Campground near Star. 

Another sighting that’s exciting: I have 12 lazuli buntings (9 males, 3 females) eating a quail and dove mix on the ground in my backyard right now. Has anyone else seen them moving through like this? Gorgeous.

Boise-North End

Re: New Yard Bird!! #78

I was happy to see your sighting of the Lewis’s Woodpeckers in Horseshoe Bend as I was at Avimor residential development on Highway #55 which is just south of HB 2 days ago and a Lewis’s Woodpecker flew over me.  He was higher than I usually see woodpeckers and I scrambled to get a photo that is blurred but I was sure it was a Lewis’s WP.  Their coloration is hard to mistake!!  I feel validated!!  Thanks

New Yard Bird!! #78

So amazing – just the other day, I was driving down Porter Creek Rd, thinking how I haven’t seen a Lewis’ Woodpecker for years, whereas they were regularly seen when we first moved up here 20 years ago….they are my favorite western woodpecker…


…fast forward to 30 minutes ago… I was working on my computer and suddenly 2 birds flew into my crabapple tree – couldn’t believe my eyes – 2 Lewis’ Woodpeckers!   First time ever in my yard, so I’m a very happy camper right now…


Best, Jonathan, Horseshoe Bend


(the wind was blowing pretty hard, so it was so difficult to get any good shot…)


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