Easter Idaho Lazuli

Our first Lazuli just showed up. They really love the cheap bird seed with millet/milo. I keep it up all summer, while sunflower seeds disappear, on my initiative, for birds in a couple weeks.

I saw Brian’s post about BH Grosbeaks. My theory is Evenings molt to BH because I don’t see both. Maybe this year???

I saw a pair of Sapsuckers yesterday and house wrens are bubbling. Maybe they will nest in garage again.

The Pygmy Owl continues it’s real early morning calls. I thought it was a Saw Whet until I hit the Cornell song site and figured out the difference. Regardless a tiny owl that would be nearly impossible to find and see up in the tree margin.

Hoot Owl out

Bill Moore
Hoot Owl

Evening Grosbeaks Continue

Like per previous post by Dave Pace, inundated with Evening Grosbeaks. Today, have counted 20+ individuals & 7 at feeders, at once. Cassin’s Finches are running a close 2nd. And the American Goldfinches are in full breeding plumage & crowd the feeder in-between times, when the larger Finches make room. I’ve gone through 3 lbs of black-oil sunflower seeds today alone & will fill again before evening. 

Also, 2 of my favorite spring birds arrived today, both males, at the feeders. A Lazuli Bunting & Black-headed Grosbeak. A female Black-chinned Hummingbird is regularly hitting its feeder today. And, the Blue Jay continues to sneak black-oil sunflower seeds from the feeder. But, by far, the most vocal, semi-tame acting & frequent visitors, are the Evening Grosbeaks. 

Brian Carrigan