Re: FOY Joy!

Awesome day, Tom, and thx for a vote of confidence, but I’d rely more on Jay because while I have a lot of experience, I don’t necessarily remember it…  😉
Whereas Jay has excellent eyes, ears, memory and a lot of experience 
There’s another factor we don’t often discuss…  not long ago several of us had this game….  we’d each play a recorded bird on a specific CD set and challenge the others to name all the background songs, chirps, calls, wing sounds, whatever, and of course I always lost because those other birders were quite younger than I was, and they could separate most sounds from the “milieu” whereas I had lost much of that ability…
Spring Migration Rocks !!!!

FOY Western Tanager

My FOY Black-headed Grosbeak hasn’t made an appearance yet – maybe today?  But I was DELIGHTED to wake up to my FOY Western Tanager sitting outside my bedroom window.

Did I ever mention that I believe we should change the State bird for Idaho to the Western Tanager? – for 2 reasons:


  1. Idaho would have it’s own unique State bird – ie., no longer share a State bird with another State, and more importantly…
  2. The Western Tanager is the only bird I know of that is historically noted as DISCOVERED in Idaho – by Lewis & Clark in their expedition.


If I am incorrect, please correct me.  But if this group got behind a drive to change the State bird, could we make it happen?  I don’t know if that is possible, but I’m throwing it out there… 


Enjoy this beautiful Spring day!  Jonathan, HSB


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