Re: Still Missing W Tanager

Had not seen Western tanagers in our hood in a while, then saw one on the canal and a very wet migrating flock on Shalerock Rd late yesterday.

Montour WMA had some, as well as lots of flycatchers.
MacGillivray warbler left yard when the rain quit.  Female black chinned Hummer finally arrived. Yellow Warblers, Western King birds, Bullock’s Orioles and Black-headed grosbeaks have set up house keeping.
Believe the kestrel nesting box has been abandoned.  Distressing. Had active nesting up to 10 days ago. Have watched successful fledges for 8 years or more, some years there have been 2 clutches.  I see the male on occasion, but there’s no chow time calling, no box visits,  and I’ve noticed starlings sitting on top of the box this week.  So bummed.
Liz Medes
Emmett, the east side

Re: Damp birding


You impressed me with 10 miles and 45 birds (or species?). The farthest I ventured out was to the end of the driveway to retrieve trash bins. I prefer to be a fair weather birder. Sadly, I have not seen any Western Tanagers on my walks between the Boise Depot and Hillcrest. Guess I need to shift to the Greenbelt.
Thanks for putting a name to that “disorder” (BADD). I like to think of it as a more positive trait of heightened auditory and visual awareness. HAVA or BADD, many of us are afflicted. 
You’ll have continued success meeting your daily goals, because you’re out there every day. Keep on keepin’ on!
Diann Stone Boise Depot Bench

Still Missing W Tanager

Reading with envy the numbers of Western Tanagers from west side of state. Keep looking, scanning & listening &, so far, zero for me. I’m down to a pr of Evening Grosbeaks, from a hi of 35. They were, indeed, fun to watch & listen to for 3 wks. But, a silver lining, I’m back down to feeding my 1lb of black oil sunflower seeds/day, instead of 3! Saves a few bucks.

They have been replaced by Black-headed Grosbeaks, a high of 15, at present. 4 Pine Siskins coming in & at least 7 Lazuli Buntings at a time hit the feeders. Numerous Am Goldfinches around & a fair number of House Finches. Yellow Warblers are setting up territories throughout the woods. And a pr of Black-chinned Hummingbirds is hitting the nectar. 

I haven’t seen nor heard the Blue Jay since last wkend, but did overwinter. Perhaps, the same one as last year? Like to think so. Other yard sightings are: 5-6 Bald Eagles, 3-5 Swainson’s Hawks, 2 Red-tailed Hawks & 1 ea Am Kestrel & Sharp-shinned Hawk on avg, daily. Lots of White Pelicans this yr & a good number of DC Cormorants. Just need a W Tanager to make spring…complete. 

Brian Carrigan