Cassin’s Vireo

Trained binoculars on a group of half dozen birds flitting through backyard cottonwoods. Turned out to be Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Then, off to the side, another bird caught my attention: a Cassin’s Vireo. A few Red-breasted Nuthatches are busy gathering sunflower seeds from the feeder. As well, two 1st-yr White-crowned Sparrows came in. Lastly, an adult Bald Eagle did a fly-over, the yard, at treetop level. 

Brian Carrigan

Gray Flyatcher

Hi birders all,
I just wanted to make an observation following the sightings of a Gray Flycatcher at Blacks Creek Reservoir by several birders recently.  
I have seen at least Willow Flycatchers exhibiting rather similar tail movements that characterize Gray. 
I just wonder if this can be fully relied upon to id the latter.
Any thoughts?
John Shortis.