changes at Blue Lake Sewage Ponds

Hey out there in ible-land, RL here.
Some changes, for the worse(?), happening at Blue Lake Sewage Ponds (ebird Hotspot) here in SE end of Boise just off the turnpike.
I assume the owners are “cleaning(?)” the place up. The big pond’s cattails, that have been growing there the last 2-3yrs., as well as the small Russian Olive thicket, have been recently burned out and the pond seems to be in the process of having the residue cleared. Only one small willow on the far side remains. The other ponds are not being touched, at the moment. Not sure how much is to be done. Not my place to ask as it is pvt. prop., but, this seems to happen periodically. Three years ago all the vegetation on the berms inside the fence was cleared. Many years before that, when I first was shown this place, the same thing happened and it was 20yrs. before anyone, or I, returned.