Re: Pine Grosbeak

Just wanted to pass on that there are also Pine Grosbeak today at Boise Peak. Not quite as local as Morris Hill but in case folks want to look in another area. We drove up 8th Street (Sunset Peak Rd) all the way to Boise Peak and hiked around the area. We encountered 6 PIGR, they were frequently calling and perching in the tree tops. Just remember it is hunting season and there are quite a few hunters in the woods so be sure to be visible.

Danette Henderson

Hybrid Jay

On September 6th I reported 2 Blue Jays in my yard. Today I had the attached at my feeder. It appears to be a Blue Jay/Stellars Jay hybrid. I was feeding a mealworm suet pellet. It appears the jays love it.  I apologize for the poor photos taken through my window. I forgot to take the salt spray off of my lens after my futile trip to Tillamook looking for the red-necked Stint.

Linda Lamb
Priest River