Turkey Vultures migrating today

Just a heads up. From 10:30 to 10:45 this AM in Emmett, super cool obs of migratingTVs. At first, a dozen, low over a grassy/weedy field of several acres, flap-gliding then soaring, slowly rising from 100 ft to about 400 ft, others flapping in low from all over the compass, flapping into same area till they could soar and rise in this thermal–could see many perched on fence posts, and watched some recruit to this kettle. Some may have come from the ground or humps of dirt/rock/broken concrete amidst the tall weeds, and from nearby trees. At about 400 ft altitude, group of 17 headed out soaring in a beeline to SW, Followed by larger groups, totalling more than 100, on same SW heading in a ‘dense’ stream.

10:55, I passed this point again, and saw another two recruit low to same area, soar up and then beeline directly South. Then a dozen coalesced and rose, heading a bit west of south.