Morning Rush of Fall Migrants!

High today of 69° with one brief rain earlier, enough to send me back inside with my AM coffee, & sustained showers forecast to start at 2PM. So, between storms, took a walk down to the river to check what might be pushing through. Wasn’t disappointed!

Started with a juv Calliope hitting nectar feeder. On walk, came into a large group of juvenile Chipping Sparrows. In fact, most birds I observed were juveniles: small group of Lazuli Buntings, a few BH Grosbeaks, 5-6 Spotted Towhees with a couple of adults nearby & both House Finches & American Goldfinches. One of the best birds was an adult Green-tailed Towhee. 

But, when reached the river, even beat the GT Towhee, by watching a group of Common Terns plunge-diving in the shallows for red-sided shiners! Fun to watch! Had noticed the shiners were in their breeding colors (beautifully striking little fish!), while fly-fishing recently. Observed closely to separate from Forester’s & all the field marks came up Commons. Then, an adult Caspian Tern came in & started after the shiners, breaking up the Commons’ party. Others: adult Bald Eagle, Gray Catbird calling from deep brush & multiple groups of Canada Geese overhead. The cottonwoods & sumac are just starting to get tinges of fall color. 

Brian Carrigan