Re: a note of thanks

Thanks to those of you who shared your photos on eBird so that those of us who are not able to participate could still see the birds and marvel at their beauty. Kerry is right about the kindness of our local birders sharing their passion with others. There have been many times when I’ve been the recipient of that kindness. Our local birders seem more than willing to educate others about the astounding beauty and habits of birds. Thanks to many of you, I become a better birder each time I go out.

Diann Stone   Boise Depot Bench


That noise you hear in Pocatello is the folks at Tractor Supply doing their cash flow happy dance. The Evening Grosbeak flock has arrived here in bright striking plumage vs goldfinches who are now in drab winter wear. I still have both Back Capped and Mountain chickadees.

Bill Moore
Hoot Owl

a note of thanks

Here’s a quick note of thanks to all who searched yesterday for the Scarlet Tanager at Kathryn Albertson’s Park here in Boise. The process of looking for the bird in the park highlighted the incredible friendliness and passion of our birding community. The experience was like a 3-act play, with folks marveling and sharing their discovery of the tanager over the course of the morning throughout the park. One person, who had stopped to find out what was happening and who was not a birder, remarked to me, “The most incredible part for me is not seeing the bird, but rather, witnessing the excitement of all of you observing it!” I felt so lucky to have been a part of this experience. Thank you, Faustina, for the initial discovery, and to RL and Ceredig for keeping us in the loop so we could share in this sighting.

Kerry Fitzharris