Nampa CBC

The 2023 Nampa CBC is mostly completed. We had a great turnout of amazing birders who spent the day beating the bushes for birds. The unofficial total for count day is 105 species including three species never seen on the Nampa count; Western Bluebird, Common Yellowthroat and Blue-winged Teal. Other uncommon birds seen include Greater Yellowlegs and Eurasian Wigeon.

Count week birds include a Horned Grebe.

The prize for amazing numbers goes to Snow Geese with more than 30,000 geese counted.

We had a few misses. If you are out birding between Sunday and Tuesday please keep an eye out for:

Western Screech Owl
Herring Gull
Rock Wren
Double-crested Cormorant

We had many people provide soups, crackers, rolls, cornbread and desserts. Thank you so very much for helping us provide a hot meal after a long day of birding.

Thank you again for participating in the 2023 Nampa Christmas Bird Count.

Denise Hughes

Birding for the Blind Field Trip

The Idaho Chapter of the National Federation for the Blind will hold their annual meeting in Burley, Idaho March 22-23 2024.They want to offer a bird walk, by sound only. I can assist, but we are looking for help from local birders for suggestions as to potential sites and by helping with the field trip. Sites need to have a smooth pathway, free of hazards and little or no bike traffic. The site does not have to be lengthy, but should offer lots of bird sounds with minimal human caused noise. One or more co-leaders are needed to help shepherd the participants. The meeting will be held at the Burley Best Western Hotel. Birding sites preferably should be close by. If you have any ideas or can help let me know.
Photo is from a previous field trip in Boise
Steve Bouffard 

2219 S. Colorado Ave. 
Boise, ID 83706 

Black and White Warbler

For those of you haven’t yet gotten your fill of the BWWA, I found it again today, but in a totally different location. He/she and cohorts were along the river at the west end of the first soccer field at Willow Lane. I stopped because
I hadn’t found Ruby-crowned Kinglets yet, and I heard them chattering, along with BCCH’s. While I was scanning the bushes where the sounds were coming from, the BWWA popped up onto the top of the bushes, made sure I had seen him, and then flew into some nearby
pines. Had I not seen the bird multiple times in the last few weeks, I wouldn’t have known what it was.

Another great bike ride today, with 6 raptors (including a flyby by a Bald Eagle) making up for the limited visibility.

Tom McCabe, Boise

Re: Boise CBC – In Search of Count Week Species!

Hey all, RL here.

Mark Collie also picked up a Goshawk. Got it Sunday in the Collister and State St. area.

This afternoon I got a Rock Wren in the cliffs on the North side of Diversion Dam just barely inside the circle. Tried my WEME spot up E. Teresa. No birds again this year. Hammer Flat is just getting too hammered (pun intended, sadly) to support much wildlife. Even the deer, elk and antelope are pretty much not there anymore. Bunch of kids up on the hill above the flat carrying on very loudly, other invasives.


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That is great Dean! I found Horned Larks yesterday and Peregrine downtown on Sunday. I let compilers know but wasn’t sure how to easily let people know what was left to find. I should have sent an IBLE note. With a few hours of daylight left, not sure if a Western Meadowlark or Rock Wren were found. I tried for both but no luck.
Danette Henderson

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