Snow Goose in Boise

For those of you Boise folks that don’t mind getting a little wet, there was a Snow Goose at Esther Simplot Park today about an hour ago. It was sitting on the bank of the channel that flows out of Quinn’s Pond and into the main pond of
Esther Simplot Park.

My ride was a little wet today, but very rewarding. We had a Cooper’s Hawk visit our yard this morning, and I then sighted a Cooper’s twice more, down near Les Bois track. Plus, I’m continuing to hear and see WB Nuthatches, in addition
to the crew of RBNU’s that seem to have taken up residence in and around my yard. YR Warblers and RC Kinglets seem to have returned for the winter. Either that, or I can now that some leaves have fallen, I can see them.

Tom McCabe, Boise