Hybrid Jay

On September 6th I reported 2 Blue Jays in my yard. Today I had the attached at my feeder. It appears to be a Blue Jay/Stellars Jay hybrid. I was feeding a mealworm suet pellet. It appears the jays love it.  I apologize for the poor photos taken through my window. I forgot to take the salt spray off of my lens after my futile trip to Tillamook looking for the red-necked Stint.

Linda Lamb
Priest River

Re: Pine Grosbeak

Thank you Linda, good timing, I actually have to drive right by there in a few minutes, I will take some time to see if I might re-find it as it would be a life bird for me. 
And a quick aside  about Merlin and pine grosbeak. I was at Leslie Gulch last weekend, and Merlin frequently would indicate pine grosbeak, but I did not quite trust it, I think it was being fooled by the many Townsend solitaires that were there – often when one would call, it would indicate both species. Merlin never indicated pine grosbeak by itself, and I never actually heard one calling.  Must be something about those two bird calls that overlaps just enough to fool Merlin!