Re: Red-breasted Nuthatches

That’s a wildlife haven! I’ve had one deer, one badger, and several raccoons over the years here on the Boise Depot Bench. I do miss seeing moose regularly since moving here from Anchorage.

Red-breasted Nuthatches are in the pines daily, Black-capped Chickadees almost as frequent. The past several days I’ve heard Flicker but haven’t seen it yet.
Diann Stone
Boise Depot Bench

Red-breasted Nuthatches

Fresh snow on area mountains. Fall color fading fast. Freezing at night & warm days to mid-60s. A few trout rises on the river with some beaver working the edges. Other mammals:  muledeer, moose & least chipmunks are in the yard daily. My fave time of the year!

A handful of YR Warblers moving through. A few White-crowned & White-throated Sparrows, with a smattering of Chippings around. DE Juncos ever-present now. Feeder attracting: House Finches, BC Chickadees & American Goldfinches. Best visitors, though, have been 2 industrious RB Nuthatches. They must have a heck of a stash of sunflower seeds in one of the spruce trees. As, have been making back-&-forth forays to feeder & tree for several days now! 

Brian Carrigan