Re: Hummingbird Feeders & Wasps

After I read the response recommending the saucer-type hummingbird feeder, went to town & purchased a Perky Pet brand. Quite similar to recommended feeder, except the feeder ports have yellow flower covers, while recommended one was all red. Will say, that even with the yellow ports, have seen no more than 2 yellow jackets at a time on the feeder & only for a few seconds. Where the day previous, on inverted bottle type, had 8-10 at every port & 20-30 more hovering all around. 

So, quite satisfied  with the Perky Pet type. And, the Calliope & BC Hummingbirds have been feeding, unmolested by wasps, all day. Believe main benefit is simply switching to a saucer style feeder, once the yellow jackets & wasps swarm. Hope this helps, if getting invaded by wasp swarms.

Brian Carrigan

Praise for the Saucer!

Once again, thanks to Ruthann for the saucer-type hummingbird feeder recommendation! Literally, saved my enjoyment of watching the little birds’ visits, as their fall migration continues. 

Today, there’s been an equal mix of juvenile Black-chinned & Calliope Hummingbirds. Haven’t seen an adult hummer since Saturday, when 2 adult male BCs came through. The only yellow jacket visits are very brief, 1 or 2 at a time, then they leave in a matter of seconds. 

I keep watching for a Broad-tailed, had a single male visitor last year about this time. So far, none this year. Right now, watching the “King of the Roost”, a juvie male Calliope, that keeps the larger Black-chinneds away. He only appeared about 30 minutes ago. Just glad to be able to continue offering a brief stopover respite for their fall journey South. 

Brian Carrigan