Re: Blacks Creek Yesterday

Thanks Bob! Might head out there again today.

On Monday, August 21, 2023 at 12:09:30 PM MDT, bob perata via <bobperata@…> wrote:
Hi John, 

I saw that exact same ‘bird’ about 11:30 or so in the same place.  Was too many people around at the spot where the NOWA was and this ‘round’ bugger under the dark bushes/tree limbs. Than lost it. 

Bob Perata

Blacks Creek Yesterday

Hi everyone,
Amy & I found the Northern Waterthrush yesterday as reported by others in the NE corner as reported. Thanks to those of you who gave details of where it was seen, very helpful. 
We saw 8 other species in & around the Great Horned Owl tree, including a Cassin’s Vireo which was a bit of a surprise.
But we also saw a quail like bird foraging under the trees, pretty much where some of you photographed the Waterthrush. The light was v poor, but I could see it was not a California Quail, though close in size to it. It was mostly brown, with barring on the sides. I think it could only have been the Northern Bobwhite escapee previously reported, though it hasn’t been seen since August 6th.
Maybe it’s been there all this time & been overlooked?
Good birding, and thanks Heidi about the storm aftermath suggestion.
Amy Bechtel & John Shortis.

Hurricane birding

Hi all!

Just a few quick thoughts as we head out to check Blue Lake sewage lagoons.
If you could report where you’ve checked so far today that’d help us avoid duplicating effort. Negative reports are also useful.
In case anyone was waiting for the weather to clear, there are reports that large storm petrel flocks in other areas are dissipating as soon as the rain lifts. In general, storm birding tips. Also say that during active rain is when birds will start dropping out of these storms. So it’s worth getting out right now if you can.
Seabirds have been reported as far as Vegas so far, but folks think there’s at least some small potential for birds to be pushed as far as Oregon and Idaho.
Good luck everyone!