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[Attachment(s) from Cliff and Lisa Weisse included below] We didn’t find much today but I’ll take a Red Knot any time.  A nice breeding plumage bird too.  I’ll insert a photo below.  Other shorebirds present were few and included a single Sanderling, a good sized flock of American Avocets, 3 Black-necked Stilts, a few Wilson’s Phalaropes, a Killdeer, some Willets and a Long-billed Curlew.  Ducks seem to be scarce this year too probably because there is water running all over the place and they’re scattered in flooded areas.

The only other visit we’ve made was on Sunday and it was quiet then too.  Highlights were a flock of 6 Black-bellied Plovers and 6 Common Terns (the most I’ve seen here in spring). We’re yet to see a peep, godwit or dowitcher.  We’ll be hitting it regularly for the rest of migration – hopefully numbers will pick up…

On 05/10/2017 04:24 PM, Cliff and Lisa cliffandlisa@octobersetters.com [ible] wrote:

In case someone is close enough to take advantage, we have a Red Knot at the mouth of Sheridan creek.

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