Forty days of 40 birds (or more)

Since warmer weather is heading our way, and breeding season is coming to an end, I’m assuming that my daily numbers are going to decline, but it’s been a good run. The last time I missed identifying at least 40 species was May 8, just before Mother’s Day. Since then I’ve had 4 days of 50+, including today’s ride with 57 birds. Of course the biggest days usually meant a longer ride, and today’s was 25 miles, but a great day. I even got to bird with Larry Arnold! And today included 6 raptors: BAEA, RTHA, AMKE, SWHA, OSPR, and COHA. The Swainson’s flew over my back yard as I was finishing dinner.

I’m hoping I’m wrong about diminishing numbers, but just being on my bike and looking for birds is a pleasant relief from the craziness that surrounds our daily lives.

Tom McCabe, Boise