Weather showed less chance rain between 1&6 so i ventured out glad i did saw lots of birds yellow warb several. 2 comm yellow throats willow& hamm fly cats e.&w king birds blk hd.grosbeaks –chat n.flick  rough wing &tree swallow osprey  snipe  cal quail both doves heron vir rail  he stopped to drink rain water in road for photo thanks liz about north of tracks on park rd.


So, the other day my wife bought a potted citronella plant for our back deck. Our place is along the Snake River & a spring channel runs through the backyard. We get a few wks of mainly evening time mosquitoes, starting about now. She placed the plant near my hummingbird nectar feeder. And, for two days, no hummers! In fact, one came last evening, like it was going to feed & immediately turned & took off. And for no apparent reason.

This afternoon, I moved the plant that was 4 ft from the feeder to about 15 ft away & within an hour, hummingbirds are back. One just visited again, after our rains. Has anyone else noticed that citronella may also keep hummingbirds away?!

Brian Carrigan