Re: 2 Arrivals


That Rose-breasted phenom of yours is intriguing !! we’ve chased several in Idaho, missed every time, have since given up on them for our Idaho list. 
We had one at our feeders during 15 years in W Colorado, I think for two days

I’m always curious about range expansion, like possibly yours and others’ Blue Jays?
There have been several range-expansion happenings in W Colorado over the last 20-25 yrs that include Black Phoebe, Lucy’s Warbler, WW Dove, Lesser Nighthawk, and EC Dove of course….
Hereabouts (Treasure Valley), Bewick’s Wren has thrown down an anchor just since we moved here 8 yrs ago, and Mute Swans and EC Doves are as well now established as residents 
WW Dove appears wanting to be here too, but at a slower pace of arrival

I remember like it was yesterday when Terry Gray showed me the first known EC Doves in Latah County, maybe these by Kas in 2007 ?
This looks like the location where he took me so many yrs ago…

Sincere thanks for your informative posts on IBLE, Brian, always….
My “new normal” appears to be “sleepless in Boise” that I could ( should? ) blame on our  WS Owls  😉