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Idaho mapIdaho's avifauna is a rich mixture of both Rocky Mountain and Great Basin types. Its 400 plus species spread over a land-locked area bordering Canada's forests in the north and Nevada and Utah's sagebrush vastness in the south. Montana and Wyoming's wilderness mountains tower along the eastern edge, while Oregon and Washington's steppe, mountains, hills, and fertile valley's loom in the west.
   It is true that the area has produced only limited focused field work on either distribution and/or identification issues when compared with some ornithologically well explored neighboring states, yet that which has been documented unquestionably demonstrates the vast possibilities of diversity and complexity which exist within its confines. Idaho's feathered fortunes have barely been tapped by what until now has been a comparatively limited population of active and knowledgeable birders.
   The purposes of this website are multifaceted and hopefully comprehensive, while always striving for impeccable reliability, a dynamic usefulness, matchless excellence, and exceptional interest holding material. Everything presented is bound together by the overriding goal of increasing understanding of, and appreciation for, the varied birdlife of all Idaho. is the permanent official home of the Idaho Bird Records Committee and their continuing work of affirming and establishing the validity of a statewide knowledge data base of bird observations and occurrences.
   User contributions and interaction is actively invited. Rarity photos are always welcome. On-going interaction with distribution records and maps is a vital dynamic of our web presence. Always anticipated are helpful submissions tackling challenging identification issues facing birders in Idaho. The attendant ongoing utilization of these staple references can be a strong aid increasing the overall quality of field ornithology throughout the Gem State and beyond. And most appreciated are all avian newsworthy items, be they for general or specialty bird groups throughout the state.
   Remember: This is your website. Learn from it, play a part in it -- and most definitely share it.

What's New? What's coming soon... and what is here already.
Facts & Figures Reports, articles and other commentary for the region. Includes County Big Year tallies throughout the state.
Image Gallery Photo and video records of rarities or very localized birds
Identification Articles and websites featuring identification challenges
IBRC Idaho Bird Records Committee; Review Species, Rarity Reports, Official Birds of Idaho Field Checklist -- pdf
Distribution Latilong maps and database tables illustrating Idaho bird distribution: "Mapping by Latilong."
News & Events Information (field trips, etc.) of interest to birders
Personal List Totals IDAHO state, county and latilong list totals for birders nationwide. Sightings cutoff: 31 December of past year.
Links Links to Idaho's Audubon society chapters, bird clubs, email listservs, regional birding pages, regional birding checklists, etc.

Background Image
Idaho State Bird - Mountain Bluebird
Garden Valley, Boise County, Idaho
Photo © 2004 Ralph Foote
Garden Valley Photography
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