Was hoping our snow yest & rain last night would give some migrants pause. And wasn’t disappointed. Finally, located a male W Tanager at the top of one of our yard cottonwoods. 

The Evening Grosbeaks returned in good numbers this AM, as well. Counted a high of 15. Black-headed Grosbeaks are numbering 17+, with 5 male & 2 female Lazuli Buntings coming to the feeders at once. Yellow Warblers are numerous in the woods. 

Brian Carrigan


Starting off hiway 16 going east to hiway 55 swainson hawk- yell.warb – chat-laz bunt- bull oriole- w.tanager-w.king finally photo black hd.grosbeak-lark sparr. Heard gray cat bird  after summit look left saw odd looking rock soon started to move then head raised to reveal 4 wild turkeys then foy bird

Blackpoll ?

Has anyone gone to Sandy Point today?  I lost service there last night, so I didn’t see everyone’s emails until too late – including the more specific directions.  By the time I had driven all around (at least now I know where Foote Park
is!) and then went back to the gate and walked in, and wandered all around by the fountain area, the lighting was bad and it started raining again.  I couldn’t find the bird.  I finally figured out the area that was most likely (confirmed later by the email
I found), but the rain was making it impossible, so I left.  That was a long drive for a frustrating experience!  Thanks to everyone who tried to help guide me.  Now I’m wondering – with the night rain – if the bird stuck around or not.  Please post if you
find it, thanks!  Jonathan, Horseshoe Bend


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Re: Still Missing W Tanager

Had not seen Western tanagers in our hood in a while, then saw one on the canal and a very wet migrating flock on Shalerock Rd late yesterday.

Montour WMA had some, as well as lots of flycatchers.
MacGillivray warbler left yard when the rain quit.  Female black chinned Hummer finally arrived. Yellow Warblers, Western King birds, Bullock’s Orioles and Black-headed grosbeaks have set up house keeping.
Believe the kestrel nesting box has been abandoned.  Distressing. Had active nesting up to 10 days ago. Have watched successful fledges for 8 years or more, some years there have been 2 clutches.  I see the male on occasion, but there’s no chow time calling, no box visits,  and I’ve noticed starlings sitting on top of the box this week.  So bummed.
Liz Medes
Emmett, the east side

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