List of Idaho Review Species

The official Review List maintained by the Idaho Bird Records Committee includes:

  • Any species for which no accepted records exist in Idaho is automatically considered a review species.
  • Species that have occurred within Idaho four or fewer times per year in each of the ten years immediately preceding the most recent revision of the List of Idaho Review Species.
  • Any rare or difficult to identify species as designated by the Committee. Some species are rare only in certain regions or seasons, and reports are often requested to further knowledge of a species’ distribution or breeding status in Idaho.

Review Species

  • Below is the list of all species that have been documented in Idaho.
  • The state is divided into four regions, each with its own column to the right of the species’ names.
  • If a report is requested for a species in any region it is indicated by a seasonal abbreviation in the column for that region.
  • Some species have a more specific request for reports, e.g. “B- Report all breeding”, found under “Notes”.
  • Non-review species have a blank row.
Click on the map to find the Idaho regions.

Report sightings of Review Species using the Rare Bird Report Form.

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Additional Species Reported
Species not currently on the Checklist of Idaho Birds.
Not accepted by IBRC, or votes may be pending.

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