Re: Article about birding gulls at Ada County Landfill featuring RL

Paul Plante    RL Rowland article.  I think the initials for RL Rowland should stand for real lucky (Idaho birders, that is) to have him as a great mentor for all  of us.  He continues to preach the gospel of birding to everyone.  Thank you RL for enhancing my personal birding experience over the years!

On Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 01:25:20 PM MST, Jason Talbot via <jason.talbot1@…> wrote:
Here’s a fun birding article by Mathew Miller about birding for gulls at the Ada County Landfill featuring RL Rowland.
I told RL that I wanted his autograph while I could still afford it. Haha! He’s been a great birding mentor to me!
Jason Talbot