The bird gods smiled–twice

As many of you know, my daily routine is to try to find as many bird species as I can on my daily bike ride. Since I like round numbers, 30 is always my goal. But as I get higher into the 30’s, I start wanting to go to 40.

So yesterday and today, I reached 40 birds for the first time in a while. Yesterday’s highlight was an immature Snow Goose in a flock of CAGO’s. Of course, the flock of 5 Wild Turkeys at 24th and Bella in the North End, was way
cool also. 😉 The Snow Goose was the 40th bird for the day, and it gave me a little jolt of adrenaline.

Today’s ride was a little more difficult, since I couldn’t imagine I could do it twice in 2 days. So, when I got back to Veteran’s Pond with 38 birds counted, imagine my reaction when I saw a pair of Bald Eagles perched together in a tree
between the 2 ponds! I hadn’t seen one in a few weeks, so 2 was a real treat. The California Gull at Esther Simplot Park saved me from the ignominy of 39 birds. And I didn’t even get rained on!

Tom McCabe, Boise