At this time we are NOT holding video submissions to the same "rarity" standard as for photos. We may do this in the future if this folder gets too full.

Northern Hawk-Owl -- mpeg -- 822 KB
Elkhorn Village, Sun Valley, Blaine Co.
Video taken January 2004

Kathleen Cameron

Brambling -- mpeg -- 816 KB
Kuna, Ada Co.
Video taken January 10, 2004
Kathleen Cameron

Northern Mockingbird -- mpeg -- 814 KB
Bellevue, Blaine Co.
Video taken April 15, 2004

Kathleen Cameron

Long-tailed Jaeger
---preening -- mpeg -- 814 KB
---swimming -- mpeg -- 774 KB
Black's Creek Reservoir, Ada Co.
Video taken August 26, 2004
Kathleen Cameron

Varied Thrush -- mpeg -- 818 KB
Hailey, Blaine Co.
Video taken January 31, 2005
Kathleen Cameron

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