This Fall there has been a pronounced movement of Steller's Jay into numerous localities across the region that usually do not have birds present. It has been generally assumed that these are birds moving attitudinally rather than from a distance, but perhaps this is an assumption that should be reassessed in the light of information available

Currently there are sixteen (16) subspecies of Steller's Jay, ranging south all the way to Nicaragua, with five (5) in the Pacific Northwest and Great Basin. See the Identification Pages for distinguishing marks for these 5 subspecies.

I currently have received photos of at least three birds (below) that definitely are Cyanocitta stelleri macrolopha, strongly suggesting a movement of birds into this area from more eastern mountains rather than just an altitudinal dispersion.  It would be very instructive to have further documentation (photos and/or descriptions) relating to the birds that are currently being seen in the region(s). 

Steller's Jay C.s. macrolopha, October 24, 2004
Genesee, Latah County, Idaho
Photo © 2004 Terry Gray
Steller's Jay C.s. macrolopha, November 2004
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington
Photo © 2004 Michael Woodruff
Steller's Jay C.s. macrolopha, October 2004
Garden Valley, Boise Valley, Idaho
Photo © 2004 Sheri Foote

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