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RECENT HISTORY: The Idaho Bird Records Committee in it's present form can be traced back to the work of J. Harry Krueger in the fall of 2004. At that time Krueger and Stacy J. Peterson collaborated to set up a website devoted to birds and birding in Idaho. The result is where you are -- on IdahoBirds.net. From the IBRC perspective, Harry envisioned this website as the public link between a revitalized Committee and the general birding public. Krueger, as Committee Secretary, worked hard to increase the visibility of, and the interest in, IBRC within the birding community. He strove to share his belief in the value of accurately documented sightings and the role of IBRC with other birders. To facilitate documentation of rarities in the state, he initiated a Rare Bird Report Form that allows online documentation of species on the Review List through the website -- a feature that has been well used by many birders.

Working with Committee Chair Chuck Trost, the Committee itself was also revitalized. New members were added, and the collection of reports and photographs that occurred during a period of Committee inactivity was begun. In the end, Committee members included Trost (Chair), Krueger (secretary), Jay Carlisle, Kas Dumroese, Shirley Sturts, Dave Trochlell, and Cliff Weisse.

Sturts succeeded Krueger as Secretary in May 2006. Sturts continues to enhance the performance and visibility of the Committee, adding Charles Swift to the Committee to fill Krueger's slot, and working with Peterson to continue to revitalize the online presence of the Committee and the records review process. Review records submitted by birders are now quickly archived online in a private Committee administration section, where Committee members can review them and provide comments and their endorsement when called for by the Secretary. Frequent reports, as you see below, will be provided to Idaho's birders, keeping you abreast of developments regarding the status and distribution of rare birds within the state.

Sturts has also provided a complete, comprehensive list of all reports of review species within the state. Like the entire Committee process, this comprehensive list is a work in progress and birders are invited to check back often for updates.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Sturts and Peterson are working hard to catalog and bring to a vote a large backlog of rare bird reports. The Committee is diligently working on these, and much progress is being made.

WITH THAT AS BACKGROUND, we will now be using this page to provide updates on Committee Actions, recent review decisions, and news of interest within the Committee. Check back often.


2006 Annual Report, published Feb 2007

2007 Annual Report, published Dec 2008


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