Status Change Form

This form is to for you to submit details on a change in status (occurrence) for a species in any given Latilong.

Example: if you live in Latilong 17 (Boise) and notice from the distribution maps that the Honey-legged Redbird shows a "t" for Latilong 17 (actually, the color purple, which represents "t") -- and you saw one feeding babies -- then that code should be updated to a "B" for that Latilong. This is the form to report that. Similarly if that species is not shown by any color code in Latilong 24, and you saw one foraging in the park there, then report that with a change from "nothing" to a "t." Latilongs with no records appear yellow-tan on the maps.

If you cannot fill out this e-form, then email the information in it to Shirley Sturts. If you have photos, recordings, etc., in electronic format to submit, attach them to an email to Shirley, too.

Forms submitted will be carefully evaluated; the information from accepted reports (ie., not "Honey-legged Redbirds") will be entered into the database and maps will be updated.

Common Name:
Scientific Name:
Date of Sighting:
Location of Sighting:
Number of Birds:
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Previous Status:
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Observations and Notes:
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