Sources of Information

The primary source of historical information for this study was Thomas D. Burleigh's BIRDS OF IDAHO (1972): Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell, Idaho. This was the first major scientific treatment of Idaho's birds. Although spotty in his coverage of the state, Burleigh's work is excellent because of his review of historical records, attention to the location of sightings, and collection of specimens. This book is now out-of-print, but may be available through used book stores, especially those online, such as Species regarded as "breeding" by Burleigh were given a "b" designation unless evidence of confirmed breeding was specifically mentioned.

The following journals were reviewed for Idaho bird records: American birds, Audubon Field Notes, Auk, Condor, Murrelet, Northwestern Naturalist, Northwest Science Proceedings of the Idaho Academy of Sciences, Tebiwa, Western Birds, and Wilson Bulletin.

The ornithological collections of the Idaho Museum of Natural History (at Idaho State University), The University of Idaho, and the Connor Museum of Natural History (at Washington State University) were valuable sources of information. Numerous unpublished reports from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (including the Breeding Bird Survey) were reviewed. The Idaho Conservation Data Center provided their database and expertise.

Perhaps the most valuable source of information came from the hundreds of observers who submitted thousands of records directly to the authors. Drafts of the first edition were sent to birders across the state for review, and hundreds of Documentation for Latilong Status Change forms were sent to the Department of Fish and Game between 1991 and 1997.

The authors encourage birders to look for gaps in the latilong maps of their areas, complete Status Change forms and send them in. Use the Rare Bird Form for any species listed as an IBRC Review Species.

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