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Click the species name on the list at left to see it's distribution map by Latilong.

Details on each representative Latilong record (and in some cases http://hundreds of additional records themselves) are maintained in Shirley & Keith Sturts' database. Contact the webmasters if you need further information on any record(s) for non-review species (Details on Review Species reports will be available in the Idaho Bird Records Committee folder in the future). We're just showing you the graphical representation of occurrence on this portion of the website...

The bird records themselves are in MS Excel format right now and COULD be made available online if anyone is willing and able to design a website database to handle queries and produce tables for all these records. If you are interested in volunteering to head up this part of the website's development, please write the webmasters.

These records would absolutely not be a reality without the long hours and tireless dedication of Shirley Sturts of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She is kind enough to share with us information from her own bird records database -- the product of untold hours of digging for and sifting through records for the entire state. What you see here is largely a labor of love... Thanks, Shirley!

This is a work in progress. Check back often for the updated occurrence maps of additional species...