As appeared in Idaho Bird Distribution, 1998, by Stephen and Sturts

The authors would like to thank the hundreds of individuals who reproted their bird sightings to American Birds, Audubon Field Notes, The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and other publications. Contributors to the first edition are greatly appreciated and can be found listed in that publication. Contributors of bird records to the second edition are greatly appreciated. They are: Jim Acton, Frank Andrews, John Ash, Jane Badraun, Larry Barnes, Marlee Benson, Tom Besser, Karna Borders, Stephen Bouffard, Craig Brengle, Kris & Ed Buchler, Janet Callen, Cliff Cameron, Corrine & Del Cameron, Francis Cassirer, Bruce Cergle, Nancy Cergle, Earl Chapin, Gordon and Pam Comrie, Denny, Debbie & Mackenzie Dawes, Rich Del Carlo, Adam Dirschell, John Doremus, Jon Dudley, Kas & Debbie Dumroese, Barbara Durrell, Terence Edwards, Diane Evans, Elise Faike, John Gatchet, Dale Goble, Pam Gontz, Sharon Gould, Julie Grauphenn, Bill Gundlach, Steve Guthrie, Luccinida Haggas, Brad Hammond, Gertie Hanson, Jerry & Sharon Hanson, Fran & Brad Haywood, Winifred Hepburn, John & Marty Hirth, David & Diane Holick, Ned Horner, Jay Howe, Don Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Ron Jurcevich, Wallace Keck, Don Kemner, Lisa Kirschoffer, Cynthia & Rick Langlitz, Louise & George LaVoi, Thomas Maeder, Mary Manning, Jeff Marks, John McClain, Jack McNeel, David Mead, Nancy Mertz, John Miller, Kathleen Milne, Bob Moate Jr., Jean Monks, Steve Munson, George & Helen Oatman, Susan Patla, Rob Pearson, Theresa Potts, Dave Pratt, Jimmie Reynolds, Penny Ridenour, Sharon Ritter, Hadley Roberts, Scott Robinson, Vicki Saab, George Saylor, Ellen Scriven, Herb & Jan Severtson, Maria Shephard, Johns Shipley, Paul Sieracki, Rhea Smith, Don Stoeker, Lee Streltz, Dan Svingen, Colleen Sweeney, Joe Taggert, J. Allen Tarter, Dan Taylor, Jenny Taylor, Mike Todd, David Trochlell, Charles Trost, Jack Trotter, Carole & Hand Vande Vorde, Phil & Judy Waring, Jennifer Welch, Paul Wheeler, Philis WIcks, Mindy Wiebush, Philip Wright, Tony Wright, Roger Young, C. Fred Zeilmaker.

Special thanks go to the Idaho Bird Records Committee, especially its secretary Dr. Charles Trost. Members include: Hadley Roberts (Salmon), Brad Hammond (Idaho Falls), Dan Svingen (Grangeville), Colleen Sweeney (Boise), as well as the two authors [Daniel Stephens (Wenatchee, WA) and Shirley Sturts (Coeur d'Alene)].

Support from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was vital; special thanks to Patrick Cole, John Nigh, Charles Harris, Pam Petterson, George Stephens, and Wayne Melquist. Dr. Allen Jackson director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History was instrumental in publishing this work [in book form]. Dan Svingen, regional editor of Audubon Field Notes, supplied valuable advice and data.

Special thanks to Zoltan Porga for generously sharing his bird observation records from Latilongs 4 and 2. He keeps detailed, extensive records and has regularly sent them to Shirley Sturts from 1982 to present.

Thanks to Merlene Koliner and Canyon Birders of the Lewiston area. Thanks to Susan Weller state coordinator of the Breeding Bird Survey, and to all the BBS volunteer observers. Thanks to all the Idaho Christmas Bird County compilers and the CBC volunteer observers. Finally, special thanks to Keith Sturts for his continued assistance with the database.

Addendum: The data for the distribution maps -- the online portion of this book -- are compiled by Shirley Sturts from her (and Keith's) database. She benefits from the assistance of Lisa Hardy and others. The information is emailed to Stacy Jon Peterson who converts it to the species distribution maps, using a template page and the simple MS Paint program prior to uploading it to the server. The significance of the contributions of Idaho bird records from birders, notably Cliff Weisse from Latilong 16, cannot be stressed enough, for without them this information would not be available.

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